Rules for Routing in InfoSewer and InfoSewer SA

Rules for Routing in InfoSewer and InfoSewer SA

  • Loading Manholes can take unlimited flow
  • Gravity Mains will take all of the flow from the Loading Manholes, but
  • d/D will be 1 and q/Q or q over Qfull will be much greater than 1
  • A Wet Well can be full if the flow into the Wet Well is greater than the Pump Flow, this can simulate loss of capacity
  • A pump flow is based on the pump capacity, pump control rules and the pump curve
  • A Junction chamber downstream of a pump will increase in head to pass the flow from the pump
  • The force mains downstream from the pumps will have the pump flow based on the needed head at the Chamber nodes.
  • So what is real in InfoSewer SA?

· The pump flows

· The head at the Force Mains

· The loading at the Manholes

· The volume and flow lost at the Wet Wells

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