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Junction DWF in SWMM5, InfoSWMM and ICM SWMM Networks

Junction Dry Weather Flow (DWF)

The Junction Dry Weather Flow (DWF) data table stores information regarding the dry weather load (e.g., sanitary loads) entering the collection system at the junction node. Refer to the section on the inflow editor for more information on these input data. The following table shows Read the rest

Features of the 1D St Venant solution for SWMM5, InfoSWMM, and ICM SWMM Networks

Question: How does SWMM5 solve the 1D St Venant Equation in its conceptual Link/Node Network?

Answer: See these graphs of the solved for variables in the solution.

1/ There is also an ArcEngine version of InfoSWMM call InfoSWMM SA. I will SA to show some hidden features of the 1D Read the rest

How to Use an IDF Curve with the Rational Method in InfoSWMM

The IDF Table or Curve is intended to only work with the Rational Method Hydrology:

  1. You make a Curve called Reserved
  2. The X column is time in Minutes
  3. The Y column is either Intensity in inches/hour or millimeters per hour
  4. If you use the Modified Rational Method the IDF Curve
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Creating an InfoSWMM SA Model

Chapter 3 Exercises

Creating an InfoSWMM SA Model The exercises in this chapter will give you practice building a new model by importing data from different source types and making some default settings.

Exercise 3A

In this exercise, you set up the InfoSWMM SA toolbars, create an empty model, and … Read the rest

Hydrology options in Innovyze InfoSWMM and InfoWorks ICM

The Hydrology options in Innovyze InfoSWMM and InfoWorks ICM are shown in these mirror images map of the Runoff dialog in InfoSWMM and the Runoff Surface in ICM.

Equivalent features in InfoSWMM and ICM are:
1. SWMM 5 Non Linear Reservoir and SWMM in ICM
2. Snyder and Clark Routing… Read the rest

What is the percent routed from a Subcatchment in SWMM5?

What if the percent routing is 100 percent?

  1. If you choose outlet only as the subarea routing both impervious areas and the pervious area go to the outlet node or the outlet Subcatchment
  2. If you choose pervious as the subarea routing 100 percent of the impervious areas will flow to
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New Features in Innovyze SWMM 14.7 Update 1

New Features in Innovyze SWMM 14.7 Update 1

New Engine and GUI Features in InfoSWMM 14.7 which is based on EPA SWMM 5.1.013

1. Bug fix for control rules imported and exported to SWMM 5 for Diversion links with a Flow Command

2. Bug fix for Co Gages for RDII … Read the rest

How to Use Population for DWF in SWMM5 and InfoSWMM

The SWMM5 engine uses mean flow as the dry weather flow value (DWF) and not population but does allow weekday, weekend, daily and monthly patterns. You can use these many pattern options to actually use population in the SWMM5 and InfoSWMM dry weather flow tables. Here are the steps as Read the rest

Surface Runoff in InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM SA

Surface Runoff in InfoSWMM

InfoSWMM offers 12 choices for modeling surface runoff (click on link to see more information on each method):

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