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SWMM 5.1 Update History up to SWMM 5.1.013 and Link to New EPASWMM 5.1013 Install

SWMM 5.1 Update History

New SWMM 5.1.013 is now available

Build 5.1.013 (05/10/18)



Engine Updates:

  1. A subcatchment's depression storage depth, its pervious surface roughness

(Mannings n) and its hydraulic conductivity can now be adjusted on a

monthly basis by assigning monthly time patterns to these properties.

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A Summary of Blogs on Force Mains and Pumps in InfoSWMM and InfoSewer

A few blogs on Force Mains and Pumps in InfoSWMM and InfoSewer:

The all-important Break Node

Basic Rules


Hazen Williams

Force Mains

Theory behind FM Transitions

Pump Summary Table

RTC Rules the rest

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