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Refactoring the SWMM 5 Help File – Climate Data in SWMM5

Climate Data in SWMM5


The Climatology object in EPA SWMM describes the following climate-related variables used for computing runoff and snowmelt:

· Temperature
· Evaporation
· Wind Speed
· Snowmelt
· Areal Depletion
· Climate Adjustments
Rain Gages

Rain Gages supply precipitation data for one or more subcatchment areas … Read the rest

Surface Runoff Options in InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM

Surface Runoff Options in InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM

InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM offers 12 choices for modeling surface runoff (click on link to see more information on each method):

· Nonlinear Reservoir

· The Colorado Urban Hydrograph Procedure (CUHP)

· NRCS (SCS) Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph Method

· NRCS (SCS) Triangular Unit Read the rest

Huff Rainfall Distribution SWMM 5 Model

Huff Rainfall Distribution SWMM 5 Model

Huff Distribution Model in SWMM 5

Scenario Run :  BASE

FLOW_UNITS          	LPS
START_DATE          	01/01/2020
START_TIME          	00:00:00
REPORT_START_DATE   	01/01/2020
END_DATE            	01/02/2020
END_TIME            	12:00:00
SWEEP_START         	01/01
SWEEP_END           	12/31
DRY_DAYS            	5.000000
REPORT_STEP         	00:01:00
WET_STEP            	01:15:00
DRY_STEP            	01:15:00
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Quirin Schiermeier in Nature:

WaterWhen pondering the best way to study the impact of climate change, researcher Hans Joachim Schellnhuber liked to recall an old Hindu fable. Six men, all blind but thirsty for know­ledge, examine an elephant. One fumbles the pachyderm’s sturdy side,
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Singapore – Catching Every Drop of Rain

Singapore - Catching Every Drop of Rain


The source of the map of the rivers of Singapore is the Singapore PUB

As a small island that doesn't have natural aquifers and lakes and with little land to collect rainwater, Singapore needs to maximize whatever it can harvest.

Currently, Singapore uses Read the rest

SWMM 5 Precipitation Options

Subject:  SWMM 5 Precipitation Options


You can have design storms, monitored storms of any length of the time from minutes to centuries, use intensity, volume or cumulative precipitation, use both rainfall and snowfall in the same rain gage depending on temperature, use both time series or external files for Read the rest

Increase in heavy rainfalls over past 60 years in upper Midwest, US

Increase in heavy rainfalls over past 60 years in upper Midwest, US

March 14, 2013
Mar. 13, 2013 — Heavy rains have become more frequent in the upper Midwest over the past 60 years, according to a study from the University of Iowa. The trend appears to hold
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