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Organized Output Tables for Runoff and Hydraulics in XPSWMM 2018

A feature I have always loved in XPSWMM (current version is XPSWMM 2018) is the Organized Output Files for Runoff and Hydraulics in XPSWMM. XPSWMM is based on SWMM 4.+ with features from SWMM 4.4 and SWMM5 along with additions by Innovyze/XP Solution over the years. The tables in my … Read the rest

Runoff Coefficients for InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM SA, ICM and XPSWMM

Runoff Coefficients

Runoff coefficient is loosely defined as the ratio of runoff to rainfall, and is a function of watershed characteristics including land use, soil type, and slope of the watershed. The value of runoff coefficient ranges between 0.0 and 1.0. A value of 0.0 means that all of the … Read the rest

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