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#SWMM3 and #SWMM4 Acknowledgments, includes mention of #PCSWMM

A note from the past, the SWMM3 and SWMM4 Acknowledgments from their respective manuals for the sake of posterity and in thanks for all of their past efforts.

SWMM4 Acknowledgments

Maintenance and updating of the EPA SWMM has been continuous since its

inception in 1969-70.

Over the many intervening years many individuals have contributed to its improvement, notably EPA colleagues Mr. Richard Field, Mr. Harry Torno, Mr. Chiu-Yuan Fan, Mr. Doug Ammon and Mr. Tom …

Extran Hydraulics Master from #Extran3 and #SWMM4 converted to #SWMM5

This is part of the #Inside_#SWMM5 series of blogs and is intended as a visual aid and code developer for the Storm Water Management Model Reference Manuals on I always think images (and some words) are best at explaining the internal working of code. I do encourage you to read the wonderfully written Storm Water Management Model Reference Manuals.

The following is a combined #Extran3 and #SWMM4 reference manual models in #SWMM5 format. Examples …

Graphical View of the Runoff process in #SWMM5 and #INFOSWMM

Here is a graphical view of the nonlinear runoff processes in InfoSWMM and SWMM5:

1. Three runoff surfaces

a. Impervious with Depression Storage

b. Pervious

c. Impervious without Depression Storage

2. Slope (same for all runoff surfaces)

3. Width or the Dimension of the Subcatchment (same for all runoff surfaces)

4. Infiltration

a. Horton

b. Modified Horton

c. Green Ampt

d. Modified Green Ampt

e. Curve Number or SCS or CN

f. Monthly Adjustments for …

World-Renowned Urban Drainage Modeling Authority Robert Dickinson Joined Innovyze in January, 2008

World-Renowned Urban Drainage Modeling Authority Robert Dickinson Joined Innovyze in January, 2008

Broomfield, Colorado USA, January 16, 2008/altered 2014

2008/2014 Robert E. Dickinson, one of the world’s leading experts in wastewater and urban drainage modeling, has joined Innovyze as Product Sector Leader. Dickinson, who comes to the company from CDM now CDMSmith, will be charged with maintaining, enhancing and supporting Innovyze’s flagship SWMM5-based product line (InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM as well as

SWMM 4 and SWMM 5 St. Venant Solutions Contrasted

SWMM 4 and SWMM 5 StVenant Solutions Contrasted


1. Compute at time t+delta t the values of dQ/dt for the Links and dH/dt for the Nodes from the properties at time t

2 Iterate at least 2 times until either all nodes and links are converged or a maximum of 8 iterations are reached

3. Use the values of Q and H at time t+delta t for the new time step