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Infiltration in InfoSWMM and SWMM5

Infiltration in InfoSWMM and SWMM5

Infiltration is the process of rainfall penetrating the ground surface into the soil over the pervious areas of Subcatchments.

InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM InfoSWMM SA offers three choices for modeling infiltration:

Horton's Equation

This method is based on empirical observations showing that infiltration decreases exponentially from … Read the rest

Time of Concentration Methods from Innovyze H2OCalc for any Hydrology Model

Time of Concentration

The dialog box for estimating time of concentration using the Kirpich method is shown below.

  • General Input for the time of concentration methods:

· Unit System – English or SI unit.

· Solving Target – Choose time of concentration.

· Equations – Select one of the eight … Read the rest

Gradually Varied Flow in Innovyze H2OCalc

3.4 Gradually Varied Flow

Discussions in the previous sections have focused on uniform flow hydraulics where flow depth y and flow velocity V remain constant along the channel. In this section, we consider gradually varied flow, which is a form of steady nonuniform flow characterized by gradual variations in flow … Read the rest

Underdrains for LIDs, SuDs or WSuDs in #SWMM5

The reason for this blog: The following is an excerpt from the EPA manual Storm Water Management Model Reference Manual Volume III – Water Quality (PDF) which can be found here

Underdrains are used in the following LID Controls

6.5.1 Underdrains

Underdrains are either recommended or required when the natural … Read the rest

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