Day: July 26, 2013

The relationship between the rainfall, total losses from the previous area, evaporation and infiltration only rate for SWMM 5

Subject:  The relationship between the rainfalltotal losses from the previous areaevaporation and infiltration only rate.


The total loss from a subcatchment pervious area is the sum of the evaporation + infiltration loss.  Typically the evaporation rate is much less than the infiltration rateSWMMRead the rest

InfoSewer Inflow Control for a PUMP

InfoSewer Inflow Control for a PUMP


You can control the pumps in InfoSewer and H2OMap Sewer by using a Pump Control which will control the pump based on:


1.       Volume

2.      Level

3.      Discharge

4.      Inflow

5.      Time


If you use a By Inflow control the pump speed of the Read the rest

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