Day: August 5, 2013

Runoff Routing Options Example in SWMM 5

Subject:   Runoff Routing Options Example in SWMM 5

 There are six options for runoff routing in SWMM 5:

 ·         All Runoff to an Outlet Node

·         All Runoff to another Subcatchment

·         All Runoff to the Pervious Area of the Subcatchment or other Subcatchment

·         All Runoff to the Impervious

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Output Statstics Manager to find negative flows in InfoSWMM

ubject:  Output Statstics Manager to find negative flows in InfoSWMM


Output Statstics Manager to find negative flows with these parameters:


1.       Pipe Features

2.       Use a Domain with your force mains

3.       Select Flow

4.       Event Dependent

5.       Total – NOT Mean or Peak to  find the negative and

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Drawing features to show multiple attributes in InfoSWMM and InfoSewer

Subject:   Drawing features to show multiple attributes in InfoSWMM


Your network data usually has a number of different attributes that describe the features it represents (Figure 3). While you’ll commonly use one of the attributes to symbolize the

data—for example, showing one quantity in the InfoSWMM Map Display —you may Read the rest

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