Month: July 2015

Rawls & Brakensiek soil parameter estimates for #SWMM5 and #INFOSWMM

The original source is

and has been modified to have values in mm instead of cm

Infiltration:Parameter Estimates

It is best to use soil property and Green-Ampt infiltration parameters derived from field and laboratory measurements of infiltration on the study watershed. Even under controlled conditions hydraulic soil property measurements

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Simulation Task Manager in InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM

Several factors can effect the processing time needed to run simulations of sewer networks including computer hardware, simulation timestep, reporting timestep, size of the network, length of simulation, sophistication of the simulation (e.g. controls, 2D) etc. Even though our products utilize the most robust solution engines possible, simulations can take … Read the rest

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