Month: February 2017

Dynamic Wave Routing Options in #InfoSWMM and #SWMM5

Dynamic Wave Routing Options

The Dynamic Wave page of the Simulation Options dialog, shown below, sets several parameters that control how the dynamic wave flow routing computations are made. These parameters have no effect for the other flow routing methods.

Contents of this simulation option dialog page are described below:… Read the rest

#InfoSewer vs #InfoSWMM

#InfoSewer vs #InfoSWMM

A short comparison of the features in InfoSWMM and InfoSewer. , Many of the same rows apply to H2OMap SWMM and H2OMap Sewer.

Feature Class Feature InfoSewer InfoSWMM
Base Functionality Conservative Solution as an option
Public Domain engine
Calibrate model to flow data
Calibration Data
Models siphons
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