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InfoSWMM 11 (for ArcGIS 9, 10) and H20MAP SWMM v10 Updated for the new SWMM 5.0.022 Engine

EPA SWMM 5 Build 5.0.022 (04/21/11)
Engine Updates

1. The following fixes and updates were made to the LID module of the code (lid.c):

a. The Drain Delay time for a Rain Barrel LID is now correctly converted internally from hours to seconds.

b. … Read the rest

Pump / Force Main System in InfoSWMM and SWMM 5

Subject:  Pump / Force Main  System in InfoSWMM and SWMM 5


The basic system consists of:


  1.          Wet Well and its associated physical parameters,
  2.          Pump Type
  3.          Defined Pump Curve,
  4.          Downstream Pressure Node and
  5.          Downstream Force Main 


Step 1:  Wet Well Data


Enter the invert elevation, maximum depth of the Wet Well, Read the rest

The relationship between the rainfall, total losses from the previous area, evaporation and infiltration only rate for SWMM 5

Subject:  The relationship between the rainfalltotal losses from the previous areaevaporation and infiltration only rate.


The total loss from a subcatchment pervious area is the sum of the evaporation + infiltration loss.  Typically the evaporation rate is much less than the infiltration rateSWMMRead the rest

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