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InfoSWMM and H20Map SWMM and their Relationship to FEMA Approved SWMM 5 Engines

The purpose of this note is to show how InfoSWMM is related to various SWMM 5 engines. InfoSWMM is a ESRI Arc Map Interface to the properties of the SWMM 5 engine using model development tools created by Innovyze for InfoWater and InfoSewer. It uses a recompiled SWMM 5 engine for the purposes of integration with Arc GIS but the underlying engine code is the EPA SWWM 5 code. InfoSWMM has very good import and export tools for reading and writing SWMM 5 files. InfoSWMM does not have to be on the official FEMA list as it uses and exports the FEMA approved current SWMM 5 engine.