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InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM SA RDII Analyst 3.0 with EPA SSOAP Tools

One of the most powerful InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM SA and H2OMAP SWMM Application Tools from Innovyze is RDII Analyst. RDII Analyst will separate out the Groundwater base flow, Dry Weather Flow (DWF), DWF Patterns, estimate […]

Innovyze St Venant Solutions for InfoSewerH20Map Sewer, InfoSWMM, H2OMap SWMM and InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks ICM SE

This blog contrasts the St Venant Solutions for InfoSewerH20Map Sewer (1), InfoSWMM/H2OMap SWMM and ICM/ICM SE. 1.  Assumptions for the St. Venant Equations The assumptions behind Lumped and Distributed Models along with […]

InfoSWMM and H20Map SWMM and their Relationship to FEMA Approved SWMM 5 Engines

The purpose of this note is to show how InfoSWMM is related to various SWMM 5 engines. InfoSWMM is a ESRI Arc Map Interface to the properties of the SWMM 5 engine using model development tools created by Innovyze for InfoWater and InfoSewer. It uses a recompiled SWMM 5 engine for the purposes of integration with Arc GIS but the underlying engine code is the EPA SWWM 5 code. InfoSWMM has very good import and export tools for reading and writing SWMM 5 files. InfoSWMM does not have to be on the official FEMA list as it uses and exports the FEMA approved current SWMM 5 engine.

How To Make HTML Code for Excel Spreadsheets

How To Make HTML Code for Excel Spreadsheets Tabelizer Program for Converting Speadsheets to HTML Code Copy your Speadsheet to this link http://tableizer.journalistopia.com/ and then tabelize it and copy the html and css code to a blog or other on…

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