Day: August 10, 2013

SWMM 5 QA and Application Manuals on the EPA Web Site

Subject:   SWMM 5 QA and Application Manuals on the EPA Web Site


The EPA Web Site has three manuals that you can download at


1.   SWMM Applications Manual

2.   SWMM 5 Quality Assurance Report

3.   SWMM 5 Users Manual


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Three Hidden Secrets to Speeding up your SWMM 5, H2OMAP SWMM or InfoSWMM Model


Minimum Time Step               Average Time Step        Maximum Time Step


Minimum Time Step (sec)             0.984

Average Time Step (sec)              9.071

Maximum Time Step (sec)            30.000

Percent in Steady State (%)          0.000

Average Iterations per Time Step  4.821


Use a maximum time that will lower your average iterations per time step to

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